The right way to water your garden

Water is the so called life blood of your garden. We all know that without watering, your plants will quickly wither and die; however, did you know there is a right way and a wrong way to water your plants?

Rain barrel in the garden

Follow these guidelines and your plants stand a much better chance of avoiding some common issues such as fungal growths, burning, and attack by slugs. In addition, you’ll use less water in the long run.

Choose the right time
You should ideally water in the morning. This gives the plants opportunity to really drink up the water before the heat of the day evaporates it. This makes a big difference in the amount of water your plants actually use, vs what gets wasted. This is preferable to evening watering, which can leave plants foliage wet, which makes them susceptible to fungus, mold, and slugs.

Water at the Base
Target your water at the base of the plant. This allows the water to soak deeper into the soil, to the roots which is where they take up the water anyway. This also works to encourage deep, healthy root systems.

Frequency Matters
Remember, a good soak every few days is better than a little sip every day. Also, don’t water the whole garden every day. Target the plants that need it. Stick a finger in the soil. If it’s cool and moist, that plant probably doesn’t need water. Move on.

Pull the Weeds
Every weed that is growing in your garden is competing with your plants for the water. You don’t want a competition here. Watch out for them and pull them early and often.

I can’t stress it enough. Mulch will do so much for your plants. It greatly reduces the evaporation from the soil. It also provides a barrier which keeps heat from soaking into the soil, allowing your plants to stay cooler on those hot, sunny days. A good couple of inches maintained throughout the season will make immense difference in your plants health and the frequency and volume of your watering.

As a side note, not directly related to plant health, but a big savings on water usage… Set up catchment barrels to collect the rain water. It’s probable that during the heat of the summer, they’ll dry up and you’ll be using the tap water anyway, but use what you can. Not only will it save on your water bill, it is arguably better for your plants than the nastiness that comes out of the tap (not the water, the stuff they put in it)

Follow these steps and it will be another step to a happy, healthy garden, which will lead to a happy, healthy gardener!

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