Twenty Steps to Greater Self Reliance

Here are twenty things to do to provide better self reliance & self confidence of your situation, for you and your family. Pick a few of these and do them soon. I snagged the list from The Survival Podcast (all proper attribution given below). Here’s the list with my thoughts on each item when appropriate.

  • Buying an ounce of silver a month
    • This is a great idea. Right now, you can buy 1 oz silver ingots for less than $18. The thing is, silver is timeless. It’s certainly going to hold its value over time, in pace with inflation. So a purchase today won’t suffer from deflation like saving “money” in the bank at insignificant interest rates. Your money in the bank will be worth less over time. Your money in silver will move with the tide.
  • Build a compost bin or a worm farm
    • So, if you garden, you really need to compost. Contrary to popular methods, food scraps and other things don’t belong in compost. All you need is organics. Leaves make the best compost. If you take the time to drive a neighborhood in the fall, you can grab truck loads of bags of leaves off curbs. This is natures compost. All you do is pile it up and let it work.
    • I haven’t really looked into worms much, but this seems a great idea on many facets as well. Worms are earth’s gardener. Grow some and put them in the earth. Grow some and go fish.
  • Plant a few permanent producers
    • Red Delicious Apple tree going in the ground here. We put out a few blackberry bushes this spring although most of them didn’t make it, we have 1 good bush going and it will spread. We’ll add new ones next spring.
  • Put together a 7 gallon tub of storable foods
    • Enough can’t be said about putting back food for emergencies. If you don’t have at least a week of food stored up, if an emergency (All you Okies, think of the ice storm back in 07.) It doesn’t take much to clear out the shelves at the grocery store… if you can even get there. Having long lasting foods stored up in your pantry hurts nothing. Only stock it with the things you eat anyway. When you need that item, rotate it out of your store and restock the new one from the grocery into your store. It stays fresh.
  • Find out what committees your congressmen are on and call them about something not in the news
    • I don’t have much on this one. Jack covers it really well in his podcast. If we were all more involved like this, it’d be a different country.
  • Learn to identify 6 edible wild plants in your area, try cultivating 1 or 2 of them
    • My current list of edibles I can readily identify that grow native in Oklahoma:
      • Blackberries. What can I say, I LOVE these things.
      • Wild onions.
      • Pecans.
    • Knowing how to recognize and how/when to harvest them is a big step. But take it a step further. Take some nature hikes and know where they grow. Odds are, they will still be there when you need them.
  • Learn to make wine or mead
    • Mead making is on my list of To Do things.
  • Learn to make bread
    • Been there, done that. Nothing is a good as home made bread.
  • Learn to make biltong
    • This intrigues me.
    • I’ll extend this list to include Jerky, Pemmican and other long term nutrient dense foods.
  • Learn to make one new meal a month from storable and/or fresh items
    • I love cooking.
  • Learn to grind and use ground wheat
  • Take a good quality firearms training class
  • Learn to reload ammunition and cast bullets from lead stock up some components
    • Another thing that I’d like to tackle.
  • Build a simple green house
    • This is on the list for this fall. I am planning a simple “fence panel” green house for the winter.
  • Build or buy a solar oven
  • Gain basic construction skills (volunteer if you have to)
    • Already got this one under my belt. Daddy taught us well on this topic. Seriously though, if you can’t build a basic structure, this is a fabulous idea. It will give you new respect for your current home and can save you a lot of money if you ever need a repair and suddenly aren’t afraid to tackle it yourself.
    • I’d extend this to include basic plumbing an electrical skills.
  • Start a blog or write a book
    • Hmm, you are reading my blog. That must have worked.
    • I have fantasies of writing a book. It’s one of those time slots I don’t have right now, but one day…
  • Take a 15 minute or longer walk alone daily
    • I “kind of” get this one. Tending the ranch daily is my moment of solitude.
  • Create your vision
    • This is the big one. Again, Jack nails it.

Taken from TSP Rewind Episode 44.

This is shamelessly lifted from The Survival Podcast. Thanks Jack Spirko for all the inspiration you give me and the rest of your community! I highly recommend you check out his show. He seems Ok with this, per item 5 in his Disclaimers & Policies.

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